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Cassovia New Industry Cluster is an association of legalentities from the public and private sector, the main goal of which is to create new industry in the region of eastern Slovakia with an impact on the country as a whole.

The guarantee of success is the close cooperation of CNIC partners, which are Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Technical University in Košice, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovak Academy of Sciences (Institute of Materials Research, Institute of Experimental Physics and Institute of Geotechnics), Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice, Cassovia Discovery Park (an association of private high-tech industry partners), the city of Košice and the Košice Self-governing Region.

Emphasis is placed on
shaping and developing a modern and creative environment for the emergence of innovative high-tech companies in the region of eastern Slovakia, with the impact on other regions as well as abroad and going hand in hand with the development in social areas, including care for an aging population and healthy lifestyle.


The focus of the CNIC project on biomedical research, advanced materials, green and clean technologies, quantum and information technologies, is in a very good agreement with the research programs and initiatives of the European Research Area (ERA) embodied in the Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe programs. The project is closely linked to all three pillars of ERA – Excellent Science, Industry Leadership, and Societal Challenges.

The CNIC project goes beyond “technological focus” and involves innovative social activities in its portfolio. This important element in the activities of the CNIC consortium is based on the now generally accepted findings that advances in technology may not automatically translate into an improvement in people’s quality of life. Examples of social isolation of the ageing population, youth cyberbullying, or hectic lifestyle of people in the active age are well known. 

The development of the region of eastern Slovakia is hampered by young people leaving for other regions of Slovakia and abroad. All these aspects are reflected in the CNIC project. The CNIC ecosystem represents a unique contribution to solving these problems not only from the point of view of the Slovak Republic, but also on an international scale.


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